JUGAHMEDABAD, (Official Java User Group) is an association of Java enthusiasts, professionals and zealots who keep each other informed about innovations related to Java Platform. Objective of JUGAHMEDABAD is to promote Java related technologies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. There are number of Java professional who are living in Ahmedabad & Gujarat but what they lack is a platform where they can share and gain knowledge about Java. JUGAHMEDABAD brings you leaders and specialists in Java technologies for first hand exposure to code, best practices, tools, methodologies, and cutting-edge solutions.

We rely on community participation. We need your involvement, ideas, thoughts, and help if we are to continue the knowledge sharing events now and into the future!

Our goal is to educate users of Java technology, promote the use of Java, provide a venue for discussion and exchange of ideas, provide mentoring opportunities among group members, address technical issues, and create a community for Java developers in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat region.

Main goals of JUGAHMEDABAD are following:

  • Meet with interesting people with same passion
  • Popularize Java technologies
  • Share knowledge
  • Share experience
  • Simply have fun.

Major Topics of Interest

  • Java Itself: Java 7/8, JavaEE6,
  • Cloud and distributed technologies: Amazon Cloud, Google App Engine, Hadoop, NoSQL, OpenShift, Cassandra, Solr, etc,
  • Web frameworks and technologies: Seam, GWT, Wicket, HTML5, WS, AeroGear, etc.
  • Web Servers : Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, GlassFish, etc.
  • Build and continuous integration: Gradle, Maven, Hudson
  • Coding practices: TDD, AOP, DSL
  • Architectural patterns: REST, CQS, DDD, SOA
  • JVM and its internals: JVM-based development…
  • Dynamic Languages: JRuby, Groovy, Scala, Clojure, JavaScript in JVM
  • Any other topic related to Java.

Key Benefits

Participate in meet-ups to learn more about Java.
Choose a topic of your interest and enlighten others by being a speaker in our meet-ups.
Post technical articles written by you on our website.
Host your java web apps with us and get support from community members.
Discuss, share and learn new things in our forums.
and many more…

Membership is Free! It’s that easy. To join JUGAHMEDABAD, all you need to do is to register with google+ community site (Link). We encourage members to subscribe to the JUGAHMEDABAD mailing list.


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