Ketan Parmar (aka KPBird ) (Leader & Founder) has been a Java enthusiast since last 7 years. He started working in various technologies in Java and explored all 3 areas (SE, ME & EE). Currently working as Technical Lead.

His constant urge for finding best solutions using emerging technology made him pursue Ph.d (Mobile Grid Computing). He has provided lot of solutions on StackOverflow and has contributed on various blogs and sites.

He is passionate about Java, Android, Grid Computing, User Interface and open-source software. Currently exploring on Big Data.

Surlak Patel ( aka SPOptimusPrime) has close to 11 years of IT experience and is an expert in Java Enterprise & Android Mobile. Currently working as Head of Business & Technology Consulting. Previously played different roles as Technical Head of Android & Java Enterprise, Chief Architect.

His visionary actions have always paved a way in the emerging market via meaningful solutions and valuable service offerings delivered through mobile and enterprise platform. He firmly believes in making Mobile Platform truly a part of Enterprise using Cloud.

He has been an eminent speaker for Java Enterprise and Android Mobile related tools and technologies. As a consultant he is passionate about analyzing and applying latest market trends to achieve results that favor business growth and sustenance.


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